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There are a total of twelve celestial objects in the solar system. They are, as listed from the center:

The binary planets of the Hourglass Twins Edit

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The White Hole

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  • The Woodsman, found on Dark Bramble.
  • The Zen Guy, found on Giant's Deep.
  • The Archaeologist, found on Brittle Hollow.
  • The Astronomer, found on Hourglass Twin A.
  • The Moon Warden, found on Timber Hearth's Moon.

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  • The Ruined Pod, found on Dark Bramble.
  • The Scientists' Pod, found on Brittle Hollow.
  • The Survivors' Pod, found on Hourglass Twin A.

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  • A Teleport Receiver on Timber Hearth.
  • Ruined Islands on Giant's Deep, alongside a Probe Launcher.
  • Crystals and a Hanging City on Brittle Hollow.
  • The Underground City on Hourglass Twin A, and the Alien Loop Machine on Twin B.
  • The Vessel, in Dark Bramble's core.
  • The Deep Space Teleporter.

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The Ancient People

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Unknown Comet?