Hello everyone, and by everyone I mean no one yet, since the Wiki isn't exactly popular right now. For the past few days I've been heavily overhauling the Wiki and making it easier and better to use. This blog post serves as both a test to see if the "news" feature works on the front page as well as a "Hello!" to anyone who may stumble upon this.

Some of you may have seen me around the forums, Fig campaign and website. I love Outer Wilds and the little community the game has is super great. The developers are so awesome aswell, and Loan inspired me to help out this Wiki!

This is also going to be an announcement that I am going to apply for Wiki adoption on Friday. I'd love the contribute to this Wiki as much as possible but there are a few factors limiting me at this point, most namely the Background image, header, navigation and theme colors. Anyways, since the last time anyone other than me edited was at the start of September, I think I should be able to become bureaucrat. Hopefully.

Anyways, I'd love to hear from someone who visits this Wiki. I don't currently have the tools to view the analytics, but I imagine the visit count isn't exactly high. But I'm rambling. Talk to you all later!


P.S. I also created a new logo for the Wiki. Pretty cool, huh?

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