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    • My deepest apologies for the late reply, I have had a lot of school stuff going on! I'd be glad for you to help, what are your skills?

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    • I hope you get a notification. I forgot about this wiki until I saw the trailer and realized this game even still existed. Anyway, I am not too good with web design or anything like that, but I am great at typing up long detailed things and doing research about stuff. Aka what a wiki is. I guess it really depends on what you need, I bet I can fill it in... Rambling aside, hope you reply.

      PS: This is ThatGameNerd on a new account

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    • Sounds great! I do keep a close eye on the wiki, I check it's activity every day.

      I'm slowly organising the wiki, but it's a big effort. I usually do big chunks of work at a time. So here's what I'll do.

      Every time I work on something, I'll post on your wall. I trust you have a good knowledge of the game, so you'll be able to write up the bulk details of the pages whilst I just create the space and organise it all. The Wanderer is a page I'm really happy with at the moment, so look to that for inspiration.

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    • Scratch that part about The Wanderer page. A few weeks ago I had written up a lot of information about it, but I must not have saved it unfortunately.

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