View of the Ship from the Lift at Timber Hearth

The Spaceship is the primary mode of transportation when traveling from point A to point B. It is propelled by two banks of multi-directional thrusters, able to propel the craft in any direction. It has room for one pilot, and comes with a variety of hi-tech gear - including the energy converter, oxygen tanks, and main computer - as well as decorative items, such as clothes pegs and windows. It is entered from the bottom via a circular hatch. The hatch will remain open after the pilot exits, and emits a beam of orange light. This beam will tug on the player when under it to re-enter the vessel. When the pilot is inside and the hatch closes, the spacesuit oxygen meter replenishes from the on-board air supply. Re-entering the vehicle will also heal the player if they have taken damage to their suit while outside the craft.


The Spaceship features an on-board computer which provides a basic level of information about any planet that the player has visited. It also features a fixed version of the power source that can be seen at the Observatory. Of course "fixed" means "it won't turn 78% of the ship into usable energy".

Various Mechanics

The Spaceship will take damage if you fly into a hard surface at a high enough velocity. If it takes enough damage, it will explode, instantly killing the player if they are inside. Other damage taken (engines, rockets, etc.) will cause the ship to be harder to control, and slower to move with the non-functional rockets. Repairing the ship can only be done from the outside of the ship, by pressing the action button while positioned in front of the damaged module.

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