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Welcome to the Outer Wilds Wiki! This wiki is for those who love Outer Wilds. Anyone can edit it, too! So for all those keen adventurers seeking information on anything and everything Outer Wilds, welcome!


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  • LegenDove

    Hey everyone! What a coincidence, I come back to the wiki, and they release a trailer but 11 days later!

    Here it is for those who haven't seen it yet:

    This is great news! In the coming days I will work on templates and start writing out some articles, in pr…

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  • LegenDove

    Still Here!

    March 4, 2018 by LegenDove

    This is pretty much a notice that I'm still here! I check the Wiki a few times a week to see if anyone has made any edits or such. I'm personally holding off from editing the Wiki full-time until we get a firm release date.

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  • LegenDove

    Wiki Update!

    August 21, 2016 by LegenDove

    Hi everyone!

    At the moment, that means no-one. 'Cause I have never received a comment on a blog post thus far.

    Oh well. Outer Wilds isn't "big" yet. That's okay. I gotta get this Wiki ready for when it is, though. For those (or any) or you wondering, no. I'm not dead. I just haven't been editing this…

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